The seas decided to show off that day, turning from a deep soft blue to a fierce jagged white. The boat decided to do one more pass before heading for her berth. Time stood still as the clip popped from the rigger, and the line ripped from the reel like a train stuck in full throttle. The fight ahead, which was  thought of by the captain and crew countless sleepless nights before, had sprung into reality. Backing down into the white water married the stern of the boat to the ocean. From that day forward the sleepless nights of anticipation turned to dreams of the White Water in which that fish sprung. It was that day that White Water Marine became a reality. The anticipation of that faithful day would soon be relived through the eyes of White Water Marine’s future boaters. 

White Water Marine has been in business outfitting custom sportfish boats for over 35 years.  Whether you’re buying, trading, or brokering a boat, our team of professionals will accommodate your needs.  Our dealership has never revolved around the common ‘sell, sell’ attitude, and instead we guide our family of customers in the right direction from the very beginning. Our staff is made up of fisherman, boat owners and captains. No matter the need, there is a pretty good chance one of us had personally experienced it.

Since 2003, owners John Bauman and Anthony Vaccaro have continued to raise the bar to be the best sportfish boat dealer in the country.  The enthusiasm these two entrepreneurs bring to our fishing community is infectious.  If you are talking about fish boats on Long Island, White Water Marine will always come up.  John and Anthony promise their customers that their experience with White Water Marine will be the best that is offered anywhere!