White Water Marine Partners With Invincible Boats

White Water Marine Partners With Invincible Boats

One Ride - Invincible Boats from eGarage on Vimeo.

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BREAKING NEWS: White Water Marine Partners with INVINCIBLE BOATS to be the exclusive NORTHEAST DISTRIBUTOR!! We will have the 33′ Open Fisherman, 36′ Open Fisherman, 39′ Open Fisherman, 42′ Open Fisherman, & the 42′ Center Cabin all in stock. Call White Water Marine in Sayville or Hampton Bays for any and all details!


The INVINCIBLE open fisherman is in a class by itself. Designed to be fished hard and handles a long distance run in rough conditions without giving up comfort. Each INVINCIBLE is constructed with the finest grade materials with each individual inch, from stem to stern, constructed to keep it balanced and efficient. The unique hull was designed by renowned naval architect, Michael Peters, giving it a one of a kind stepped layout. The steps create a remarkable air fed tunnel providing a better ride and increased speed over any other conventional hull. Invincible’s stepped hull is the only patented stepped hull on the market. Invincible’s stepped hull has over 900 hours of testing, more than all stepped hulls of the competition combined. Invincible Boats have won every Government and Military contract it has submitted for approval, it has never been beaten for a contract.